Domestic/Child Custody Investigations

At Tim Dalton Investigations, the well-being and best interest of the child is the top priority while working any investigation involving a child.  The most important objective with this type of investigation is to help our client be able to provide the evidence in court that will assist them with their custody battle.

Our investigations have discovered child abuse, child endangerment, child neglect, and parents exposing children to drugs and alcohol.  Our investigations have also discovered unauthorized, overnight guests, and travel outside certain agreed areas in violation of court orders and/or divorce decrees. 

If you have concerns about the welfare of your child or grandchild during visitation with a family member, an ex-family member, or a caretaker, please call us to see how our team of investigators can help you determine if there is a safety or welfare issue concerning your child or grandchild.


Signs That An Investigation Might Be Needed:

•    Are you in the midst of a custody battle and need to prove to the court that living conditions with the other parent are harmful to the child's health and well-being?
•    Has the non-custodial parent disappeared or left town with the child and you don't know where they are?
•    Does your child frequently come home with strange bumps and bruises?
•    Does your child tell you about inappropriate behavior going on at the other parent's home after a visit?
•    Does your child tell you that someone is spending the night at the non-custodial parent's house while he/she is there too?
•    Is this a violation of your court orders or divorce decree?

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