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It is becoming increasingly more common in the Private Investigation industry for companies to offer the use of GPS devices for covert tracking of vehicles.  It is important for any individual considering the use of a GPS device to understand the Texas laws concerning the use of such devices.  The Texas Penal Code, Section 16.06 states that "A person commits an offense if the person knowingly installs an electronic or mechanical tracking device on a motor vehicle owned or leased by another person." An offense under this section of the law is punishable as a Class A misdemeanor, with a maximum confinement of one year in prison, a $4,000.00 fine, or both.

GPS Technology can be an extremely effective tool when used in conjunction with surveillance and can help reduce the need for multiple investigators in a difficult surveillance location.  In many instances, this will reduce the overall cost of the investigation.  However, one must be prudent in making sure that the investigative agency being hired is utilizing the technology legally and properly.

Tim Dalton Investigations offers the use of GPS technology to investigate the use of fleet and/or company vehicles pertaining to daily work usage as well as after-hours personal usage by employees.  Personal and corporate theft matters, matters with pending litigation, and personal and/or family matters can all be aided by the professional, legal, ethical, and efficient use of GPS technology.

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