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Tim Dalton investigations specializes in domestic/matrimonial cases involving infidelity, divorce, and child custody.  Our team specializes in surveillance, utilizing GPS vehicle tracking where legal, when needed, and when possible.

Tim Dalton investigations can determine the truth and provide you the evidence. We provide professional, confidential and DISCREET services.  With many years handling infidelity investigations, there is not very much that we have not already seen.  If you tell us what you already know, or at least suspect, we will tell you what you don't know.

We have experienced investigators that know how to conduct surveillance, utilize the right equipment, and utilize specific surveillance vehicles.  All of these factors, along with our commitment to you, our client, will ensure that neither your time or money is wasted on an inferior investigation.  Since we specialize in infidelity cases, we are your best choice to handle your case.

The possibility of infidelity in your marriage is frightening and humiliating, and will make you angry.  We can discreetly investigate your suspicions, and, if it is occurring, we can document the facts for you.

We utilize experienced investigators with state-of-the-art surveillance vehicles, equipment, and proven methods to gather facts and information about your spouse, lover, or friend.

Our photo, videotape, and eye-witness evidence allows our clients to make informed decisions based on factual evidence instead of mere speculation.  We conduct a pre-surveillance investigation, which provides us with valuable information about our subject and the possible incidental before ever leaving our office.

If you're facing this situation, give Tim Dalton Investigations a call.  If you have questions, you need answers!  Making the initial call might be difficult, but not knowing for sure if your loved one is cheating is much more difficult.  When you call us, please be open and honest.  You may have valuable information that will aid in the investigation.

If you're considering hiring a private investigator, do not tell your loved one, or anyone else for that matter.  If your loved one is cheating, and they find out they're being investigated, they will simply stop seeing the person (for a little while), or they will become extremely careful - both of which will have a negative impact on the investigation.

Do you suspect that your loved one is having an affair?   There are many clues that indicate that someone is, or may be having an affair.

Signs of Infidelity:

•    Does your loved one often not return your calls?
•    Does your loved one now have a second or "personal" cell phone when they have used their company cell phone for personal calls in the past?
•    Does your loved one keep their cell phone with them  AT ALL TIMES, when in the past they would leave it laying around the house?
•    Does your loved one now "lock" their cell phone(s), and refuse to tell you the access code?
•    Does your loved one spend excessive amounts of time "texting" on their cell phone?
•    Does your loved one walk out of the room, or even walk outside to talk on their cell phone?
•    Does your loved one keep you from seeing the cell phone bill?
•    Does your loved one have a P.O. Box that you were not aware of, and/or do not have access to?
•    Does your loved one spend less time with you than before?
•    Does your loved one now work longer hours, yet their paycheck amount seems to be the same as before?
•    Does your loved one take more business trips than before, especially weekend business trips?
•    Does your loved one not want you to come to their office, meet them for lunch, or no longer take you along on business trips?
•    Does your loved one leave a few days early for business trips to "get settled" before work begins?
•    Does your loved one now leave the house early to "have breakfast" somewhere else?
•    Does your loved one come home late from work and go straight to bed without talking or spending time with you?
•    Does your loved one now put excessive miles on their vehicle each month?
•    Does your loved one make excuses to not attend family functions, but insists that you go and leave them behind?
•    Does your loved one make excessive ATM withdrawals, but cannot account for where these funds were spent?
•    Does your loved one spend more time on the internet than before?
•    Does your loved one have a private email account that you didn't know about?
•    Does your loved one have a separate bank account or credit cards that you do not have access to?
•    Does your loved one become upset or evasive when asked to account for their whereabouts?
•    Does your loved one "need space" and won't explain why?
•    Does your loved one start fights with you just to leave the house to "get away?"
•    Does your loved one want more or less sex than in the past?
•    Does your loved one find fault with everything you do?

How you can help with the investigation:

If you suspect your loved one is cheating, start keeping a journal with dates and times your loved one leaves and the places where they were supposed to be going.  Keep track of vehicle odometer readings, unknown phone numbers, suspicious credit card charges and your conversations when your loved one is away.

Your journal entries can be compared to the findings during the investigation to prove or disprove infidelity.  Keep your journal hidden where your loved one will not find it.

Create a secret/private email account to communicate with us, and tell no one your login ID or password.  Remember, no one should know you've hired a private investigator.  Make sure all calls or communications to us are not discovered by your loved one.

When possible and without getting caught, take photos of or make copies of evidence such as letters, notes, phone records, any suspicious prescriptions (i.e. erectile dysfunction drugs) that you are not aware of, suspicious credit card bills or anything else you think might be useful.

Remember that during the investigation, you must act the same as always and act as though nothing has changed in your relationship.  This will be very difficult, but any change in your behavior could compromise the investigation.  You do not want your loved one to know that you're suspicious.  You will have the opportunity to confront and question your loved one at the completion of the investigation, when YOU have factual evidence that needs to be explained.

Infidelity in a relationship can cause feelings of denial, hurt, betrayal, embarrassment, anger and isolation. When someone is having an affair, and they are confronted, they will usually deny it, or even lie about it until they're presented with factual evidence.  Our investigators will work closely with the client throughout the investigation.  

For additional information about this service, please call (713) 992-1424 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . All communications with Tim Dalton Investigations are discreet and confidential.

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