Tenant screening

Tim Dalton Investigations provides tenant screening services so our clients can make an informed decision concerning current or prospective new tenants for their properties.  We have the experience in background screening that is needed to obtain the valuable, pertinent information that matters most to you.  You do not want to rent or lease to a "problem tenant" only to have to go through the process of legally evicting them later.  Make the correct leasing decision before your tenants move in.      

Tenant Screening benefits both you and the prospective tenant.  Tenant screening allows you to take an objective, comprehensive look at your potential tenant.  You will be able to make an unbiased, informed decision based on factual information instead of making a decision merely on speaking to a prospective tenant.  A tenant screening report will provide information to assist you in making your leasing decision.

Unfortunately, there are people who, on the surface, would appear to be responsible tenants.  However, these same people move from place to place, do not pay their rent, and live for free until you're forced to initiate the eviction process.

Your prospective tenant will be assured that you value who lives on your property, who you lease your property to, and that their neighbors will be good, responsible people.  Thorough, consistent tenant screenings are great for everyone involved.

With an average 48 hour turnaround time, Tim Dalton Investigations leads the industry in providing pre-employment and tenant screening.


Our Reports Can Include All or Any of The Following:

•  Credit History Check
•  Nationwide Criminal Record Search
•  Nationwide Civil Record Search
•  Nationwide Eviction Search
•  Lien and Judgment Filings Search
•  Bankruptcy Filings Search

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Tim Dalton Investigations is licensed through the Texas Department of Public Safety, Private Security Bureau, and is fully insured.
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